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Our head at MG Enlightening has brought his 6+ years of industry experience with the Victorian Energy Updates Program (VEU), formerly called the VEET. In his career, he has added 5000 gratified businesses which is a direct result of installing nearly 500,000 lighting Victorian govt. approved products.

Although MGE provides energy efficiency consulting in Australia, thanks to the expertise of its Head, it remains one of the best providers of consulting and installation services to businesses and facilities that are looking at reducing energy consumption and availing ongoing government incentives. MGE first create energy-efficient certificates and then raises funds through the sale of these certificates. These funds are subsequently utilised for subsiding the installation of energy-efficient lighting in facilities and businesses to reduce their energy cost.

Our comprehensive know-how of the VEU program enables us to simplify and carry out the entire process seamlessly, ensuring the availability of the entire range of financial incentives presented to businesses. MGE sees itself equally committed to the VEU, in their endeavour of turning Australia greener and reducing Carbon Footprint.

Steps like replacing CFL, halogen and incandescent lamps with LED lamps, LED High bays, LED Stoplights and LED Floodlights in industrial and commercial facilities help to lower energy usage and hence energy cost. This ease of transforming lives is a compelling reason for MGE to focus on assisting individuals and companies in Victoria that are looking out to upgrade their lighting and enjoy the advantages of more energy-efficient LED lights.

For MGE, quality services and high standards of efficiency are key to providing satisfactory customer services. All queries are welcome - business and individual needs are handled with equal efficiency. To find out more, please reach out to us with all your inquiries!

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